Magazine Frames by Size (Measure-Your-Magazine)

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CollectorDESIGN- Manhattan Black Frame with Black/White Core Mat and Insert, Holds 1/4-inch Thick Magazine for easy mounting, no tape needed. (MAGAZINE IS NOT INCLUDED).

DISPLAY- Installed sawtooth hangers for snug fit on any wall

FRAMING- Satin Black 1.25-inch manufactured eco friendly molding for consistent quality and longevity with full strength glass

GUARANTEE- Family owned and operated | Made in America | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Diploma Sizes (No Mat);
SKU Frame Holds magazine (LxH) Frame Size (LxH) Frame Size Outside Dims (LxH)
55-85magazine8x10 5.5x8.5 8x10 9.5x11.5
662-1025magazine8x12 6.62x10.25 8x12 9.5x13.5
675-924magazine8x12 6.75x9.25 8x12 9.5x13.5
675-1025magazine8x12 6.75x10.25 8x12 9.5x13.5
687-10magazine8x12 6.87x10 8x12 9.5x13.5
694-10magazine8x12 6.94x10 8x12 9.5x13.5
7-10magazine10x12 7x10 10x12 11.5x13.5
7-1025magazine10x12 7x10.25 10x12 11.5x13.5
787-105magazine10x12 7.87x10.5 10x12 11.5x13.5
8-105magazine10x12 8x10.5 10x12 11.5x13.5
8-10875magazine10x12 8x10.875 10x12 11.5x13.5
8-11magazine11x14 8x11 11x14 12.5x15.5
8-115magazine11x14 8x11.5 11x14 12.5x15.5
806-105magazine11x14 8.06x10.5 11x14 12.5x15.5
81-115magazine11x14 8.1x11.5 11x14 12.5x15.5
8125-10875magazine11x14 8.125x10.875 11x14 12.5x15.5
82-10875magazine11x14 8.2x10.875 11x14 12.5x15.5
825-10875magazine11x14 8.25x10.875 11x14 12.5x15.5
825-11magazine11x14 8.25x11 11x14 12.5x15.5
825-11125magazine11x14 8.25x11.125 11x14 12.5x15.5
83-109magazine11x14 8.3x10.9 11x14 12.5x15.5
845-11125magazine11x14 8.45x11.125 11x14 12.5x15.5
85-10875magazine11x14 8.5x10.875 11x14 12.5x15.5
85-11magazine11x14 8.5x11 11x14 12.5x15.5
85-1125magazine11x14 8.5x11.25 11x14 12.5x15.5
85-115magazine11x14 8.5x11.5 11x14 12.5x15.5
8625-11625magazine11x14 8.625x11.625 11x14 12.5x15.5
875-1125magazine11x14 8.75x11.25 11x14 12.5x15.5
9-12magazine11x14 9x12 11x14 12.5x15.5
975-1175magazine11x14 9.75x11.75 11x14 12.5x15.5
10-12magazine12x16 10x12 12x16 13.5x17.5
105-125magazine12x16 10.5x12.5 12x16 13.5x17.5
105-13125magazine12x16 10.5x13.125 12x16 13.5x17.5
105-135magazine12x16 10.5x13.5 12x16 13.5x17.5
105-14magazine12x16 10.5x14 12x16 13.5x17.5
1075-1375magazine12x16 10.75x13.75 12x16 13.5x17.5
1125-14magazine12x16 11.25x14 12x16 13.5x17.5