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Rockefeller Black with Gold Diploma Frame with Mat

Rockefeller Black with Gold Diploma Frame with Mat

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Diplomas and special documents deserve to be displayed. Our Rockefeller Black Gold Diploma Frame with mat holds and preserves yours for years to come. If you're framing a small diploma, a large diploma, business documents, or awards, this frame is the best match. It goes well in any space, from office decor to home living spaces, it's a frame that will be good for all styles.


  • Available in every size. Please choose the your diploma size for a perfect fit. If your size is not listed, please DM us. 
  • Acid free matting
  • 1.25-inch Rockefeller Black Gold molding
  • Full Strength Glass
  • Installed sawtooth hangers for wall display  
  • Can be displayed in both horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Frame Dimensions:
Diploma Sizes (No Mat);
Mat Holds Diploma (LxH) Mat Actual Opening Mat Overall Outside Dims (LxH) Frame Size (LxH) Frame Size Outside Dims (LxH)
68diploma810 6x8 5.5x7.5 8x10 8x10 9.5x11.5
79diploma810 7x9 6.5x8.5 8x10 8x10 9.5x11.5
7595diploma1012 7.5x9.5 7x9 10x12 10x12 11.5x13.5
810diploma1012 8x10 7.5x9.5 10x12 10x12 11.5x13.5
8511diploma1114 8.5x11 8x10.5 11x14 11x14 12.5x15.5
912diploma1114 9x12 8.5x11.5 11x14 11x14 12.5x15.5
1012diploma1114 10x12 9.5x11.5 11x14 11x14 12.5x15.5
1013diploma1114 10x13 9.5x12.5 11x14 11x14 12.5x15.5
1114diploma1620 11x14 10.5x13.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1115diploma1620 11x15 10.5x14.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1116diploma1620 11x16 10.5x15.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1117diploma1620 11x17 10.5x16.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
117516diploma1620 11.75x16 11.25x15.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1215diploma1620 12x15 11.5x14.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1216diploma1620 12x16 11.5x15.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1217diploma1620 12x17 11.5x16.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1218diploma1620 12x18 11.5x17.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1317diploma1620 13x17 12.5x16.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
135155diploma1620 13.5x15.5 13x15 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1411diploma1620 14x11 13.5x10.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1416diploma1620 14x16 13.5x15.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1417diploma1620 14x17 13.5x16.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1418diploma1620 14x18 13.5x17.5 16x20 16x20 17.5x21.5
1520diploma1822 15x20 14.5x19.5 18x22 18x22 19.5x23.5
1620diploma1822 16x20 15.5x19.5 18x22 18x22 19.5x23.5
16205diploma1822 16x20.5 15.5x20 18x22 18x22 19.5x23.5
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