5x7-inch 3-8 Opening Driftwood Picture Frame

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Multiple Opening Driftwood Picture Frames to Hold 5x7 inch Media

This collage frame is ideal for any set of multiple pictures to tell a story. Whether it's travel photos or your favorite family memories, this is great to display them all in one stylish place.


  • Acid free mat highlighting your photos
  • Driftwood frame in 1.25-inch molding
  • Glass
  • Corrugated cardboard backing
  • Installed sawtooth hanger for frames up to 5 opening or wire kit for frames with 6 or more openings

Frame Dimensions:

  • 3 opening - 10x20 (10x22 outside dimensions)
  • 4 opening - 10x24 (12x26 outside dimensions)
  • 5 opening - 10x32 (12x34 outside dimensions)
  • 6 opening - 10x36 (12x28 outside dimensions)
  • 7 opening - 10x40 (12x42 outside dimensions)
  • 8 opening - 10x40 (12x42 outside dimensions)