Meet The Team

Creative Picture Frames is a family owned and operated business. Each one of us brings something different to the company. We work together to ensure your order experience exceeds expectations. Here you can learn a little bit more about each of our family members: 

Ethan Reiss - CEO
Ethan has always been driven by customers like you. He's loved creating products that are functional for all sorts of framing needs. His goal has been to take away the questions when it comes to custom framing and offer simple solutions.

Aside from his business, his other passion is finding exquisite wines and enjoying time with his three horses. 

Desiree Rico - Customer Service Manager
Desiree (Ethan's youngest daughter) is at the forefront of customer service and (basically) the Assistant CEO. She's the one who knows the ins and outs of what it means to offer exceptional service even if that means taking extra time to get to know you. 

Desiree's favorite thing to do is travel to new destinations. If you have any suggestions, be sure to mention them to her when you give us a call.

Eliscia Reiss - Production Manager & Product Development Lead
Being Ethan's most free-spirited daughter, Eliscia has worked in all departments. She is extremely up to date on home trends and decor, which is why she loves to pack orders and create new products. She is in charge of making sure your order is shipped correct and safely.

George Kostevki - Operations Manager
Not related by blood, George makes sure everything is operating as it should - from machinery to tracking the inventory. He