Gift Ideas for New Moms

When searching for new mom gift, it's easy to look for something that adds comfort to her chaotic routine. However, this is a HUGE milestone, which makes it the perfect time to give a gift with meaning. A gift that she can hold onto and cherish throughout her baby's life. 

Our four favorite options for new moms give you the freedom to personalize it or get creative with what you feel compliments her style. These will show off what is important to her while making her feel special at the start of this new chapter in life. Here are our top gift ideas for a new mom:

1. Personalized Baby Collage:

Our personalized baby collage is ideal for first year photos or favorite moments to be displayed in one place. It also inspires the mom to get creative when capturing monthly photos or ones that show her baby's personality. 

2. Collage Frame: 

A collage frame is simple and versatile, making it a great gift for a new mom. She can frame the birth certificate, newborn photos, or a little footprint. It's a beautiful gift to remember the day her baby was born.

3. Newspaper Frame

We came across this idea from one of our customers and love how creative and unique it is. Framing a newspaper from the day of the baby's birth allows her to look back and see the events that were taking place when her child came into the world. Choose a big name newsprint or a local paper. You can also check out this site to enter in the exact date and get the print without the hassle.

4. Personalized Name Sign

This sign looks adorable in a nursery of any theme. Choose from a variety of themes, with nature and architecture being great options for first names.  

If you've given any of these gifts, or have other ideas on how to frame special baby memories, let us know in the comments! 

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