How-to Style Your Coffee Table Decor

A coffee table sometimes seems like a place to just rest your glass and prop your feet up, but it's the central part of your living room. The way it's styled can bring attention to the heart of the room. However, it can be hard to know how to best decorate it without it seeming cluttered or a mix-up of things that don't go together. 

With a lot of searching to see what works best, we discovered it takes a few components to pull this off. The rule of three's seems to work great. This means that there should be three items - it's that simple! It also helps to add three various levels that draw the eye across the table. We like to add the following:

Something with height:

A picture frame can come in various shapes and sizes, but we like to keep it simple with a framed 4x6-inch or 5x7-inch photo. It adds height to the centerpiece while adding a personal touch. You can even incorporate botanical prints, smaller artwork, or whatever brings your style together in a small photo.

A plant:

Plants just have a way of adding color and making a space feel more like home. Having a plant or bouquet as the centerpiece is a great way to bring in a natural aspect as well. You can opt for real plants or find faux ones that you know will last forever!


You can never have too many candles. Find a unique one or just your favorite scent and add it to the bunch. This will add another level while bringing the coffee table decor together. Aim for one that goes well with the colors or is a pop of color to among the other decor.


Stacking books is always a great way to decorate because these can be picked up and looked through. Having a stack adds a visual element that can be better for the coffee table. You can opt for old ones for the vintage feel or even new editorial style for those modern rooms. Whatever type of book you find entertaining is the one to add! 

Decor Items - Agate accents, statue, etc.:

These can come in all shapes and sizes, but choosing one to fit with the other items is simple. Go with what you feel is the best for the room. If you have a modern, all white feel, try adding a sparkle with agate accents or a statue to bring the eye to this focal point. The options vary greatly, but so do the possibilities.

The Takeaway

How you style you coffee table could make or break the room. It's a place where people gather around and the eye is drawn to thanks to being the central part. It's important to style your coffee table in a way that you feel best fits the decor of the room, while paying attention to the elements.

Adding three elements is simple, but trust me, you'll be finding so many items you'll love to show off. Have fun with it! Switch out the decor based on seasons, your new favorite items, or events. Just be sure to remember that the three items should vary in shapes and sizes.

Have you styled your coffee table with the rule of threes? How did it turn out - let us know in the comments below! 

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