Best Pens to Use on a Signature Board

Finding the perfect signature board for your milestone event is oftentimes easier than finding the best pen for the signatures. To make the board look great and last long, you have to use the correct pen. You might think any fine point pen will work, but we’ve found that Sharpies tend to bleed and regular ink pens will fade over time.

The best option for a signature board is a pigmented ink pen. This will write crisp and clean, making it easy to read. These pens will not smear, feather, bleed or fade over time. They can be found in most craft stores or online from various sites. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. ZIG Memory System Writer Dual-Tip Marker:
    A great option because it offers 0.5mm on one side and 1.2mm on the other. It is archival quality, acid-free and "photo safe pigment ink."

  2. Rotring Tikky Graphic .7mm Innovative Pigmented Ink: 
    The 0.7mm is one of our favorites. It writes bold and crisp, so you won't run the risk of not being able to read the messages your loved ones leave.

  3. Pigma Micron Archival Black Ink Pen in 0.50 Mm: 
    Found in craft stores, this is "archival, waterproof and fade resistant." It's also available in smaller sizes, but the 0.5mm is the one we find works the best.
  4. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set 05 Point Size (Assorted Colors): 
    If you're looking to add some color to your signature board, this offers a variety of six which includes blue, green, red, purple, brown and black. They will leave no blotches or smudges like typical colored markers.
  5. Uni-ball Gel Impact Pens *for Black Boards*: 
    These are a great choice for black signature boards. Although they are a bit inkier and must dry fully when writing, they look bold and vibrant against the black background.

These are the pigmented ink pens that we find work the best when signing a signature board. They allow your guests to write a message without it looking like an inky mess. If you’ve come across any other great options, or pens to steer clear from, please feel free to leave it in the comments! 

Note: You can find our signature board frames here:

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