2018 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

With November comes a lot of preparation for the holidays. From decor to planning food and travel, time often seems to slip by faster than we expect. That's why this holiday season we're here to help give you a one stop shop for gifts for each person on your list. 

Gift Guide For Him

When shopping for him, consider what he loves - whether it's a certain musical band, sporting team or even a newspaper clipping highlighting a story that means a lot. Here are some of our favorite gifts that the guys in our life seem to love.

  1. Vinyl Record Frame: A record is more than just the music that lies within the vinyl. The music has the ability to bring someone back to a moment or memory. 

    record holder
  2. Magazine Frame: There's a ton of magazines out there, but only a few does he really pick up and read through the pages. Framing his favorite one or a collection of editions is a great way for him to decorate his space.

  3. Newspaper Frame: A newspaper article can mean a lot to someone. From the news of World Series champions to an article about his business, there are countless things that he may cherish. 

  4. Baseball Card Frame: Baseball cards may be a thing of the past, but I know my dad holds a few cards dear to his heart. By framing them, it helps preserve them and showcase them within his sports memorabilia section! 

Gift Guide For Her

Gifts for her can sometimes be difficult to find. Oftentimes, it means more to her when you give a thoughtful or meaningful gift. Below you'll find gift ideas for her that any woman would feel special getting.

  1. Collage Frame: There are a lot of memories worth framing. Do so in a collage frame. This can be of a travel photos from a special trip, family memories, or even of her beloved dog! 
  2. Personalized 12 Month Collage Frame: This one is special for a few reasons. Not only is it personalized, but it adds a fun touch to the first year of a child's life or even their entire school years in one frame. 

  3. Heart Opening: Although this is shown with maps, this frame can be used to frame a moment caught on camera that you hold close to your heart. 

  4. Offset Picture Frame: If she loves all things trending, this is the frame for her. It's sophisticated and has an editorial style feel to it that can transform any space. It's designed for an 8x10 landscape photo - so the possibilities are endless!

Be sure to check out all of our frames, as we have a huge selection ideal for anyone! Also, remember that this is a time to spend with loved ones and remind them how much you appreciate them. We hope you enjoy this holiday season!

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